Experience and Expertise


  • Medical Doctor with thirty-five years of experience
  • Registered Nurses with twenty years of experience
  • Group Home Managers with over ten years of experience
  • Direct-Care Providers with five years of experience
  • Therapists with fifteen years of experience


  • Competent staff with extensive educational backgrounds who prioritize continuous provider trainings, who are passion about servitude, and have many years of experience working with the developmentally disabled population.
  • Both management & staff are exceptionally familiar with DDD policies, regulations, and procedures for DDD members.
  • Proficiency with Individual Support Plans (ISP) such as; verbal and physical aggression, self-harm and self-injury, property destruction, and elopement to name a few.

The Team

  • Board of Directors
  • President / Pediatrician
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed Behavior Analysts
  • Board-Certified Behavior Analysts
  • Direct Service Providers
  • Registered Nurses

The Objective

Systematically evaluate, monitor, and improve the quality of care and positive outcomes delivered to FEHCS clients. Assist our members and member’s representative/family/caregiver with understanding/ knowledge / participation in medical and preventive care. Develop and continuously improve the quality of care provided in Host Homes and Nursing Supported Host Homes. To become the valley wide agency that provides continued educational opportunities and collaborations other companies throughout the valley.

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